Boylston's Graveyards

After the incorporation of what is now Boylston into the North Precinct of Shrewsbury, one of the first acts was to acquire two acres of land from Lieutenant Eleazar Taylor, which the inhabitants dedicated to a Meeting House and a Burial Ground. The Burial Ground was laid out in 1742. The first burial took place on April 14, 1745 and was that of Garner Maynard, son of Elisha and Huldah Maynard. He was 11 months, 11 days old.

Many of Boylston's prominent historical figures are buried here, including, Capt. Robert Andrews, commander of the town's Minutemen in 1775; Dr. Samuel Brigham, Paymaster on the staff of General George Washington; Henry Keyes, the town's only veteran of the French and Indian War; Rev. Ebenezer Morse, the first minister and a prominent Tory during the Revolution; and the graves of many men who served in the War of Independence.

By the 1830's, the burial ground was becoming crowded. A new site was purchased and the Pine Grove Cemetery was established in 1837. Only occasional burials took place after this in the Old Burial Grounds.

Special thanks to Bruce and Nancy Filgate for their work in cataloging Boylston’s two graveyards!


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