Old Burial Ground (with links to Find a Grave and photos)

Boylston, Massachusetts
Located at the intersection of Main and School Streets
at (GPS coordinates 42.35100, -71.73568)

In 1742, with the formation of the Shrewsbury North Precinct, later to be incorporated as the Town of Boylston, Massachusetts in 1786, one of the first acts was to acquire two acres of land from Eleazar Taylor. On these two acres the space for the Old Burial Ground and for a Meeting House, were laid out. Today, School Street runs between the Old Burial Ground and a park, the park being the original location of the Meeting House. The Old Burial Ground is bounded on the north by Main Street, the East by School Street, and on the South and West by two private residences. The Old Burial Ground is enclosed in a stone wall with a gate on School Street at GPS coordinates 42.35100, -71.73568 with some parking along Main Street, or across the street from the gate.
The first burial took place on 14 April 1745 and was that of Garner Maynard, the 11month old son of Elisha Maynard, a blacksmith and his wife, Hulda Bannister who had resided in their homestead on Tower Hill. Many of Boylston's most historical figures are interred here including Captain Robert Andrew, Commander of the Minnutemen; Dr Samuel Brigham, Paymaster on the staff of General George Washington, the Reverend Ebenezer Morse, the first minister and prominent Tory during the American Revolution and the graves of the men who served our town in the French & Indian War, the War of Independence, and the War of 1812.
By the 1830's this burial ground was becoming crowded and a new site was purchased and the Pine Grove Cemetery was established in 1837. Occasional burials took place here after the 1837 establishment of the new cemetery.
There are three family monuments Abbot, Andrews,& Bond,, as well as many individuals' gravestones
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ABBOT MONUMENT - 19th century - column with base - unknown artist

Jason Abbot, Jul 26, 1843, 71y
Mrs. Mary Abbot, Aug 28, 1843, 76y
Ebenezer M. Abbot, Feb. 24, 1807, 2y
William H. Abbot, Mar 6, 1809, 2y

not inscribed

Mrs. Rebecca Abbot Hastings, Oct 22, 1827, 25y, wife of John E. Hastings
Miss Mary A. Abbot, Sep 23, 1837, 39y

Samuel Marsh, Died 1873, 83y
Persis Abbot Marsh, Dec 20, 1870, 71y, 3m, 8d, wife of Samuel Marsh


ANDREWS MONUMENT - early 19th century - mound type - unknown artist

Capt. Robert Andrews (Rev. War), b. Boxford, Nov 8, 1722, d. Nov 11, 1789, 67y

"In memory of Captain Robert Andrews who was born November 3, 1822 and fell asleep November 11, 1789. Lamented as a kind and tender husband and father, an industrious and useful member of society, a serious professor of the Christian religion and of appointed integrity in every station, public and private, in which he acted--

When thou, no friend, no dying voice could hear
Or drop around thy bed the parting tear
Yet shall thy loving virtues come to mind
And preach to all, be just and kind."

Lucy Bradstreet Andrews, b. Topsfield, d. Dec. 22, 1815. 91 y, wife of Capt Robert Andrews

John Andrews, b. May 20, 1757, d. Feb. 3, 1822 (buried in tomb of Capt Robert Andrews)

Note: There are possibly others buried in this tomb.


BOND MONUMENT - 1863 - column with base - P. Nugent, artist

Thomas Bond, b. Aug 14, 1807, d. Jul 26, 1892
Harriet (Slocum) Bond, b. Dec 22, 1804, d. Mar 18, 1888, wife of Thomas Bond

Ruth Bond, b. Jul 22, 1799, d. Aug 9, 1822
Sally Fiske Eaton, b. Jan 6, 1801, daughter of John and Judith Bond, wife of Capt. Thomas B. Eaton of Worcester
Col. David F. Bond, b. Oct 6, 1802, d. Oct 27, 1833
Louisa Gibbs, b. Nov 26, 1805, daughter of John and Judith Bond, wife of Col. Aaron Gibbs of Leominster
John B. Bond, b. Feb 6, 1810, d.Dec 15, 1853, son of John and Judith Bond

Capt. John Bond, b. Feb 5, 1770, d. Oct 22, 1837
Judith (Fisk) Bond, b. Jan 7, 1775, d. May 10, 1844, daughter of Col. David and Sarah (Bond) Fisk; Col. David was in the Rev. War

Maria Persis Shaw, b. Aug 6, 1835, daughter of Thomas and Harriet Bond, wife of Thomas A. Shaw of Hartford
Elizabeth Wright Andrews, b. Sep 12, 1837, daughter of Thomas and Harriet Bond, wife of Albert W. Andrews of Worcester
George Calvin Bond, b. Mar 3, 1841, son of Thomas and Harriet Bond, husband of Abby Holbrook of Shirley
Mary Slocum Kelley, b. Mar 2, 1843, daughter of Thomas and Harriet Bond, wife of Oran A. Kelley of Worcester (cenotaph)
Harriet H. Bond Hurbert, b. Nov 10, 1845, daughter of Thomas and Harriet Bond, wife of George F. Hurlburt
Henry A. Bond, b. Dec, 15, 1848, d. May 20, 1864




Mrs. Abigail (Nixon), Aug 31, 1809, 68y
Asa, Aug 17, 1844, 62y
Charles, Dec 14, 1881, 78y, 8m, 15d, son of Jotham and Nancy (Hannahs) Andrews
Mr. David, d. Jun 14, 1769, 40y
Edward R. Mar 2, 1851 , 19y
Elizabeth, Sep 28, 1757, 3y, dau of Robert and Lucy (Holt) Andrews
Francis Edward, Jan 28, 1841, 8m, 15d
George H. Nov 1, 1840
John Andrews, 1757-1822 (buried in tomb of Capt Robert Andrews) (See Andrews monument above)
Jotham, Nov 26, 1852, 81y
Justin, Apr 7, 1838, 40y, in Boston, son of Robert and Lucy (Holt)
Lucy Ann, Aug 31, 1836, 19y
Margaret (Parker), b. Holden, Feb.2, 1770, d.Jul 25, 1847, 75y, Dau. of Timothy and Margaret (Wood)
Miriam (Bigelow), Jun 6, 1845, 71y, wife of Jotham
Polly (Sever), Mar 28, 1832, 52y, wife of Asa
Capt. Robert (Rev. War) 1722-1788 (See Andrews monument above)
Tamer (Fawcett), Nov 7, 1844, 44y, wife of Justin

Mrs. Mary, Oct 8, 1779, 68y, 3m

Mrs. Betsey (Green), May 12, 1824, 49y, wife of Lt. Daniel
Lieut. Daniel, Aug 25, 1820, 47y
Miss Lucy, May 20, 1827, 6y
Miss Mary, Jul 15, 1807, 3y, 3m, 11d
Mary, Oct 3, 1849, 41y

Mr. Alvin, Mar 17, 1803, 10m, 17d, son of Elijah and Phebe
Amaziah, d. Oct 15, 1837, 61y
Mrs. Anna (Moore)(Goddard), Nov 2, 1840, 73y, 6m, second wife of Elijah Jr.
Mr. Elijah, b. Mar 1748, d. Oct 10, 1834, 87y, was in Rev. War
Mr. Elijah Jr., Sep 29, 1859, 88y, 1m
Mr. Joseph Henry, Mar 20, 1834, 3y, 2m, son of Joseph and Sophia
Mrs. Lucy (Moore), Mar 15, 1811, 33y
Mr. Oscar W., Jul 15, 1837, 1y, 4m, 10d, son of Dunsmore and Elmina (Shepard) Ball
Miss Phebe, Aug 22, 1814, 21y, 8m, 6d, dau of Elijah and Phebe
Mrs. Phebe (Densmore), Feb. 14, 1804, 33d, first wife of Elijah Jr.
Mr. Phineas, Feb. 6, 1814, 19y, son of Elijah and Rebeckah
Mrs. Rebeckah (Moore), Oct 10, 1829, 75y, wife of Elijah
Mrs. Sophia (Shepard), Feb 2, 1835, 30y, 7m, 18d, wife of Joseph
Mrs. Sukey (Flagg), b. Jul. 21, 1791, d. Oct 1851, 60y
Mrs. Susan (Wilder), Nov 12, 1832, 40y, 7m, 1st wife of Ezra

Mr. Luke, Feb 9, 1801, 14y, 11m, son of Nathan and Sarah
Cpl. Nathan, Aug 28, 1825, 78y, Rev. War soldier from Shrewsbury
Mrs. Polly (Hastings), Jan 20, 1831, 45y, wife of Capt. Seth
Mrs. Sarah (Whitney), Jun 19, 1817, 68y, wife of Nathan

Abigail (Hastings), d. ?, first wife of Oliver (no grave stone)

Mrs. Dinah (Bennett), Dec 13, 1812, 74y, second wife of Oliver
Miss Lucinda, Nov 5, 1795, 2y, dau of Oliver & Abigail (Hastings) Barns
Cpl. Oliver, Sep 11, 1806, 60y, Rev. War soldier from Shrewsbury
Thomas B., Sep 10, 1826, 60y


John William, Aug. 17, 1833 8m, 15d, son of Rebecca
Rebecca D. Bellows d. Oct. 17, 1833, 29y, 5m, wife of Charles R. Bellows


Mr. Judah Alden, Mar 2, 1779, 3m, 20d, son of John and Lucretia (Rice) Bennett

Deacon Amariah, Mar 8, 1780, 58y, 5m, 25d
Andrew, Sep 11, 1834, 71y, Rev. War soldier from Shrewsbury
Miss Betsey, Nov 1, 1781, 5w, 5d., dau of Dr. Amariah and Persis (Beaman)
Mr. Charles, Nov 20, 1782, 52y, Rev. War soldier from Shrewsbury
Miss Eunice, Apr 9, 1783, 22y,Dau of Capt. Joesph and Olive (Beaman) Bigelow
Mr. John, Sep 1, 1802, 2 1/2y
Capt. Joseph, Jan 24, 1783, 81y
Miss Lucy, Sep 7, 1795, 4y
Mrs. Lydia (Brigham), Mar 17, 1748, 26y, 3d, wife of Dea. Amariah, dau of Thomas and Sarah Brigham
Lydia (Townsend), Jan 10, 1862, 83y., 4m, second wife of Andrew (widow of Levi Whitney)
Mrs. Martha (Brigham), Oct 13, 1792, 70y, wife of Capt. Joseph
Mrs. Sarah (Eveleth), Jan 2, 1798, 67y, wife of Dea. Amariah
Mrs. Sarah (Fassett), Jan 25, 1806, 41y, first wife of Andrew

Mrs. Mary, May 1, 1773, 62y, wife of Samuel Bixby

Henry A. b. Dec 15, 1848 d. May 20, 1864, son of Thomas and Harriet Bond & Dog Jack, male, canine (Henry's bulldog that sought help after his fatal injury)
Deacon Jonathan (Lieut. Rev. War), Nov 4, 1793, 58y
Mr. Joseph, Oct 30, 1781, 20y, son of Jonathan and Ruth (Tyler)Bond, he was a student at the University of Cambridge
Mrs. Ruth, Dec 27, 1793, 24y
Tyler Bond, Feb, 12, 1813, 21y

Almira R., May 30, 1834, 17y, dau Henry and Betsey (Brigham) Brewer
Betsey (Moore), Jun 21, 1878, 96y, wife of James
Miss Caroline, Nov 17, 1821, 11y, dau of John and Dorcas (Bruce) Brewer
Deborah (Moore), Dec 6, 1837, 75y, wife of James
Miss Eliza, Nov 6, 1829, 24y
Mr. James, Jul 23, 1830, 75y
James, Jan 24, 1859, 79y
Sally (Plimpton), Jul 6, 1826, 35 yrs, wife of Thomas
Thomas, Sep 17, 1872, 81 yrs 10 ms

Mr. Charles F., May 14, 1826, 11m, son of Stephen and Jemima (Flagg), who were married in 1816
Mrs. Chloe (Pond), May 30, 1846, 48y, wife of Deacon Moses Brigham (who went to New Bedford, MA)
Mrs. Jemina (Snow), Mar 8, 1790, 46y, wife of Stephen
Mary (Ball), Aug 26, 1852, wife of Dr. Samuel, dau. of Stephen Ball
Olivia Ann, Feb. 18, 1849, 22y, dau of Moses and Chloe
Dr. Samuel, b. Aug 21, 1756, d. Jun 24, 1830, 74y, Lieut. in Rev. War, Shrewsbury, MA
Mr. Stephen, May 24, 1812, 71y, Rev. War, Shrewsbury, MA

Hannah (Fisher), Oct 12, 1848, , 44y, 7m, wife of Dea. Jotham
Miss Harriet, Sep 8, 1794, 1y, 8m, 3d, dau of Jotham and Mary
Mr. John, Apr 14, 1788, 1y, 4m, 12d, son of Capt. John and Mary
Mr. John, Jul 14, 1757, 57y, 11m, 15d
Mr. Jonathan, Feb 22, 1771, 3y, 11m, 29d, son of Jotham and Hezpiba (Keyes)
Col Jotham, Dec 13, 1837, 80y, 8m, 5d
Dea. Jotham, b. Sep 30, 1800, d. Jul 30, 1880
Mr. Jotham, Mar 18, 1756, 8m, 5d, son of Jotham and Hepziba (Keyes)
Mrs. Martha (Temple), Mar 2, 1792, 92y, wife of John
Mary ( Taylor ), Nov 17, 1836, 75y, 9m, 5d, wife of Col. Jotham
Mary Taylor, b. 1839, d.1928


Olive Edward, Mar 19, 1832, 15m, dau of Salem and Clarissa (Hinds) Cobb

Mrs. Grace, Jun 8, 1750, 52y

Mr. Charles H., Dec 24, 1826, 8y, son of Mr. Ezra and Mrs. Patty Collier
Miss Eunice H., Jan 19 1813, 2y, 1m, dau. of Mr. Ezra and Mrs. Patty Collier
Mrs. Fanny, Sep 23, 1805, 23y, 7m, wife of Mr. Ezra Collier

John T. b. Feb 25, 1801, d. Oct 17, 1884
Miss Mary, Sep 20, 1802, 17d
Rebekah (Jackson), Oct 11, 1854, 83y, wife of Rev. Ward
Rev Ward, b. Mar 24, 1770, d. Nov 15, 1843, 73y, 8m


"Graduated Harvard College 1793,
Ordained at Boylston, Jun 1, 1797, dismissed Jun 22, 1825" Pastor in Boylston for 28 years


Mr. John, Jul 23, 1760, 1y, 10m, 7d, son of William and Mary (Dunsmore)

Mr. Abel, Nov 29, 1806, 7d, son of David and Lucy (Wyman) Dakin
Mrs. Betty (Keyes), May 3, 1805, 73y, 8m, wife of Oliver Jr.
Mr. John, about 1807, 7m, son of David and Lucy (Wyman) Dakin
Mr. Oliver Jr., Jun 21, 1805, 78y, Lt. Rev. War, Sudbury, MA
Oliver (3rd), Nov 14, 1812, 58y, Rev. War, Sudbury, MA
Mrs. Silence (Brown), Apr 23, 1793, 30y


Kind reader drop mournful tear,
over the dust that's buried here,
and when you read the fate of me,
think on the (_) that (_) for me"

Miss Cecilia Augusta, Jul 13,1825, 8m
Mr. Edward Andrews, Jun 3, 1822, 10y
Elijah, Sep 29, 1745, 5y (grave stone shared with siblings John and Nathaniel)
Elizabeth, Sep 18, 1762, 53y, wife of Nathaniel
Mr. Frederick W., Oct 3,1810, 2y, 6m,14d, son of Mr. Nathaniel and Mrs. Zeruiah Davenport


When the archangel's trumpets shall blow,
And souls to bodies join,
Millions shall wish their lives below,
Had been as short as thine"

Mr. Nathaniel, Nov 21, 1812, 9m, 24d, son of Mr. Nathaniel and Mrs. Zerurah Davenport
Mr. James H., Nov 23, 1812, 1y, 11m, 3d, son of Mr. Nathaniel and Mrs.Zeruarah
Mr. Jephthah M., Jul 29, 1816, 10y (drowned), son of Mr. Nathaniel and Mrs. Zerurah
Mr. Jephthah, Oct 4, 1794, 4y, 2m, 9d, son of Mr. Mathew and Mrs. Patience Davenport
Mr. John, Mar 16, 1814, 26y, son of Matthew and Patience (Goodnow) Davenport


Erected to his memory by
is five little Children

John, Jan 15, 1753, 20y (grave stone shared with siblings Elijah and Nathaniel)
Mr. Matthew, Aug 19, 1814, 69y, suddenly
Nathaniel, Sep 25, 1745, 2y (grave stone shared with siblings Elijah and John)
Mr. Nathaniel, Oct 8, 1793, 88y, Rev. War soldier
Mrs. Patience (Goodnow), Dec 31, 1820, 67y, wife of Matthew
Miss Sally Andrews, Dec 27, 1825, 19y, dau of Mathew Davenport, Esq and Sally his wife
Mrs. Tamer, Feb. 7, 1815, 84y
Dr. William, Oct 14, 1816, 21y, in Boston of consumption



Elizabeth, Nov 18, 1830, 25y, wife of Cpt. Eli Dawson (no grave stone)


Mrs. Jane, Oct 15, 1765, 50y, wife of William
Mrs. Ruth (Moors), Apr 4, 1808, 84y, wife of William
Mr. William, Nov 27, 1782, 84y

Ann, Jul 5, 1869, 81y, wife of Reuben Jr.
Mr. Reuben (Sr.), Mar 16, 1815, 65y
Reuben Jr., Mar 19, 1865, 86y

Miss Caty, Dec 20, 1795, 10y, dau of Joseph and Elizabeth
Mrs. Elizabeth (Green), Jan 31, 1824, 74y, wife of Joseph
Mr. Joseph, Apr 23, 1814, 70y, Rev War, Northboro
Miss Mary, Dec 12, 1812, 80y, dau of M.Aaron and Mary Eager (formerly of Marlboro)
Miss Molly, Dec 30 1795, 5y, dau of Joseph and Elizabeth

Mr. Gershom, Jun 24, 1838, 84y, Rev War Soldier
Hannah, Sep 18, 1831, 41y
Mrs. Lydia (Wait), Jul 8, 1829, 67y, wife of Gershom
Miss Polly, Jul 17, 1819, 31y

Capt. Jonathan, May 24, 1834, 92y, Rev. War Soldier
Mr. Lyman, Jan 1, 1812, 6m
Sarah, b. 1744, d. Mar 15, 1830, 86y, wife of Capt. Jonathon Fassett

Mrs. Sarah (Bond), Jan 20, 1814, 66y, wife of Col. David Fisk

Aaron L., Mar 19, 1832, 21y
Mr. Asa, Oct 18, 1825, 33y - 31
Mr. Benjamin, b. May 25, 1766, d. Apr 9, 1813, 46y


"Enterprising in mind, active and useful in society, kind and helpful to such as were in difficulty, willing to aid in the establishment of useful societies, and in the support of religious institutions, he was suddenly taken form his family and friends and in death is much lamented."

Betsey, Apr 1, 1838, 77y, wife of Stephen
Miss Betsy, Apr 29, 1827, 40y, dau of Stephen and Betsey
Mr. Davis, Mar 3, 1825, 12y
Miss Dolly, Apr 5, 1818, 29y, dau of Stephen and Betsey
Capt. Gersham, Dec 8, 1823, 53y
Miss Hepzibah, May 24, 1811, 19y, dau of Benjamin and Persis
Isreal L., Aug 7, 1831, 18y, son of Abjah and Polly (Longley) Flagg
Mr. John, Jan 30, 1785, 20y
Mr. John, 1756, 5y
Rev. John, b. 1790, d. Mar 4, 1831,41y, son of Stephen and Betsey


Graduated at Harvard University 1816, Ordained Pastor of the Second Parish in Roxbury, Feb 2, 1825

Mr. Jotham, Mar 1, 1826, 26y
Miss Judath, Mar 12, 1813, 17y, dau of Benjamin and Persis
Judith (Taylor), Feb 21, 1810, 80y, wife of Stephen, dau of Eleazer Taylor
Lucretia (Flagg), Oct 24, 1836, 48y, wife of Asa
Lucretia, Sep 27, 1832, 12y
Miss Lucretia, Dec 13, 1786 19y
Miss Martha B., May 30, 1824, 18y
Persis (Dakin), Mar 24, 1848, 79y, wife of Benjamin
Miss Persis, Aug 19, 1813, 4y, dau of Benjamin and Persis
Sally (Brigham), Oct 11, 1844, 73y, wife of Capt. Gershom
Miss Sally, Mar 14, 1819, 20y, dau of Stephen and Betsey
Sarah, b. 1803, d. 1882
Mr. Solomon, 1756, 3y
Mr. Stephen, 1758, 3y
Mr. Stephen, b. Jul 22, 1728, d. Feb 24, 1815, 87y
Mr. Stephen, May 24, 1828, 69y (Revolutionary War)

James E. d. ? (no grave stone)

Sarah (Goodnow) Dec 30, 1842, 32y, dau of Jonas and Sally, wife of James


Sarah, wife of James of Mendon, died Dec 31, 1842, age 44 while on a visit to her mother,Widow Sally Goodnow.

Mr. Amos, Oct 6, 1801, 64y, 4m, Rev War, Bolton, MA
Miss Lucy, Jul 27, 1818, 53y
Mrs. Mary (Cooledge), Aug 17, 1802, 64y, 11m, wife of Amos
Rachel B., b. 1803, d. Aug 18, 1854, 51y, 6m
Mr. Silas, Jun 7, 1829, 53y

Miss Betsy, Jun 14, 1829, 61y

Mr. Eames, May 22, 1817, 2y, son of Aaron and Mary Gersham
Miss, Mary Ann, Oct 5, 1821, 2y, dau of Aaron and Mary Gersham

Mrs. Elizabeth (Sawyer), Dec 25, 1819, 36y, wife of Col Hezekiah
Hannah (Pierce), Jun 2, 1853, 59y, wife of Col Hezekiah
Col. Hezekiah, Jun 10, 1855, 77y, 7m
Meriam, Mar 29, 1832, 77y


Edward, b. May 23, 1715, d. Jun 23, 1756 (Monument was erected by Aaron Goodale of West Boylston)

Mr. Peter, Jan 25, 1751, 6y, son of Edward and Sarah Goodale


Miss Amittai, Sep 4, 1798, 5y, dau of Abel M. and Amittai (Fassett) Goodnow
Miss Hannah, Dec 22, 1831, 27y, dau of Nathaniel and Lucy Goodnow
Henry, Oct 30, 1835, 23y, 6m, died of Typhus, son of Nataniel and Lucy Goodnow
Lucy (Puffer), d. Nov 15, 1844, 62y, wife of Nathaniel
Mary, Mar 2, 1838, 35y, eldest dau of Nathaniel and Lucy Goodnow
Nathaniel, Feb 24, 1848, 76y
Mr. Otis, Sep 18 , 1800, 2y, 3m, 15d, son of Elijah and Eunice (Harthan) Goodnow (who are buried in West Boylston)
William E., Jun 9, 1836, 28y, 6m

Mrs. Prudence (Moor), Jan 7, 1829, 50y, wife of Capt. Artemas

Miss Polly, Mar 5, 1805, 20y, dau of Daniel and Abigail (Wheelock) Harris

Mr. Micah, b. Mar 31, 1735 in Marlboro, d. Jul 25, 1803 in West Boylston, 69y, Rev. War from Lancaster
Mrs. Sarah (Jones), Jan 2 1820, 86y, wife of Micah, dau of Samuel and Susanna Jones

Betsey, Sep 11, 1868, 87y, wife of Daniel
Mrs. Betty (Greenwood), Feb 1, 1815, 48y, wife of Dea. Ebenezer
Daniel, Nov 21, 1856, 83y
Deacon Ebenezer, May 28, 1815, 68y, Rev War form Walpole and Wrentham, MA
Mrs. Rebeckah (Morse), Aug 19, 1820, 42y, wife of Daniel
Tamar (Stiles), Aug 13, 1829, 40y, wife of Daniel, widow of Dennis Andrews of Roxbury, MA

Mrs. Achsah (Sawyer), Mar 29, 1830, 35y, wife of Ephriam
Miss Allice, Aug 9, 1824, 48y
Mr. Benjamin, Jan 26, 1813, 45y, wife was Achsah Barnes
Mrs. Betsy (Howe), Jan 10, 1813, 73y, from Lancester, wife of Lt. John
David, Dec 4, 1835, 65y
Mr. David, Aug 30, 1823, 84y, Rev War, Shrewsbury, MA
Mrs. Dinah (Williams), Nov 26, 1830, 85y, wife of David
Mr. Eliakim, Nov 21, 1807, 1d, son of Eliakim and Patience
Mr. Eliakim, Jan 17, 1805, 2d, son of Eliakim and Patience
Mr. Eliakim, Dec 5, 1803, 19y, 2m, 14d, son of Eliakim and Patience
Mr. Eliakim, Aug 18, 1811, 49y - 309


"Farewell my wife, my children dear,
This worlds no more my rest,
In heaven, I hope to meet you,
Where Gods spirits are ever blest",

engraved by Samuel Kiburn at Sterling

Eliza, Sep 18, 1888, 83y, 8m, wife of James
Elizabeth (Wetherbee), Feb 24, 1846, 67y, second wife of David
Mrs. Elizabeth (Eager ), Jul 22, 1824, 56y, wife of David
Elizabeth (Whitney), Jul 22, 1856, 75y, wife of Thomas
Emilia (Kendall), May 14, 1825, 28y, wife of James
Ephraim, d. ?? (no grave stone)
Eunice Wetherbee, Feb 19, 1835, 21y, dau of Mr. Elizabeth Hastings
Four infant children of Ephraim and Achsah


"Here lies buried four infant children of Mr. Ephrain & Mrs. Achsh Hastings"

Miss -----, Apr 9, 1794, 2d, dau of John Jr. and Sally (Houghton) Hastings
James, Mar 26, 1870, 75y
Lieut. John, Sep 28, 1802, 65y, 1m, Rev. War, Shrewsbury, MA
John E., b. 1802, d. Nov 9, 1842, 44y, husband of Percis F. Eager
Jonathan Jr., Oct 27, 1835, 55y
Mr. Jotham H., Feb 11, 1824, 1y, 10m, son of Jotham and Lucy (A. Willinton) Hastings
Miss Lois, Sep 8, 1796, 1y, 9m, 5d, dau of Eliakim and Patience
Miss Lucy, Jan 8, 1813, 30y
Luther, Sep 28, 1815, 1y, 2m, drowned, son of Luther and Mary (no grave stone)
Martha (Walker), d. Jan 11, 1835, 95y, 10m, 20d, wife of Stephen
Martha, Mar 24, 1868, 54y, dau of Thomas and Elizabeth
Miss Martha Ann, Oct 16, 1828, 20m, 14d, dau of Nathiel and Betsey (Hastings) Hastings
Mrs. Mary (Whitney), May 5, 1803, 30y, dau of Timothy & Catherine (Davenport) Hastings, & wife of Nathan Hastings
Mrs. Mary (Hastings), Jul 21, 1817, 27y, wife of Luther Hastings
Miss Nancy, Aug 9, 1830, 13y, 8m, dau of Thomas and Elizabeth
Miss Olive S., May 4, 1815, 4m, 25d, dau of John and Polly( Moore)Hastings
Mrs. Patience (Morse), Dec 3, 1816, 52y, wife of Eliakim
Persis (Howe), Jan 5, 1839, 64y, wife of Timothy
Polly (Fairbanks), Jan 13, 1879, 92y, 10m, 10d, of Berlin, MA, wifeof Jonathan Jr.
Mrs. Rebecca Abbot Hastings, 1802-1827, 25y, wife of John E. Hastings (see Abbot monument above)
Miss Ruth, Sep 25, 1756, 2y,8m, 23d, dau of Daniel Jr. and Priscilla (Keyes) Hastings
Sarah W., Jul 16, 1839, 6y, dau of James


"Let little children come to me,
This is what the saviour said,
Little children come and see,
Here is where the words are read"

Mr. Seth W., Nov 1, 1813, 1y, 8m, son of Jotham and Lucy (A. Willinton) Hastings
Silas, Sep 9, 1833, 54y
Mr. Stephen, Aug 13, 1792, 65y
Thomas, Mar 5, 1835, 57y
Mr. Timothy Fay, May 1, 1824, 51y

Mrs. Lydia, Mar 1, 1820, 60y, wife of Johathan


"Weep not for me I sleep in Peace,
But think that death is over nigh,
Tho' now in healty your days increase,
Rember you youself must die"

Mr. Benjamin, Oct 29, 1794, 69y, 3m, 11d
Mrs. Elizabeth (Temple), Mar 16, 1762, 37y - 119
Mrs. Tabitha (Holland), Jun 4, 1826, 84y

Mr. John, May 22, 1767, 93y, 2m, 4d, son of Nathaniel & Sarah Holland
Mr. Jonah, Sep 13, 1759, 7y, 4m, 24d, son of Samuel and Sarah (Hastings) Holland

Berzillai, b. Oct 25, 1715 in Andover, MA, d. Feb 7, 1774, 58y

Mr. A. Parley, Sep 29, 1796, 6 1/2y, son of Benjamin and Eunice
Benjamin, Jul 4, 1837, 69y
Mrs. Elizabeth (Garfield), Apr 2, 1746, 48y, wife of Joshua
Mrs. Eunice (Moore), Jan 31, 1834, 62y, wife of Benjamin
Mr. Hiram, Aug 25, 1745, 12y
Miss Mary M., Feb 24, 1827, 17y, dau of Benjamin and Eunice
Mr. Nahum, Apr 22, 1828, 22y, son of Benjamin and Eunice
Mr. Parley, Jan 26, 1803, 7y, son of Benjamin and Eunice
Miss Parney P. Jul 2, 1810, 2y, dau of Benjamin and Eunice
Miss Prudence, Jun 27, 1817, 18y, dau of Benjamin and Eunice

Mr. Abel, Mar 31, 1793, 1y, 8m, 26d, son of Levi and Molly
Mrs. Abigail (Bennett), Aug 20, 1784, 76y, wife of Phineas
Mrs. Abigail (Moor), Jan 18, 1813, 69y, wife of Silas
Dr. Abraham, Oct 19, 1779, 21y, 7m, 15d
Miss Elmyra A., Dec 25 1830, 11m, 23d, dau of Jotham and Elmyra (Kendall [Elmyra is dau of Caleb and Priscilla Kendall]) Howe
Mr. George Lyman, Mar 13, 1828, 14m, Son of Parker and Isabel Howe
Mr. John Jr., Mar 18, 1812, 1m, son of John and Sibel (Babcock) Howe
Mr. Levi, Jun 6, 1826, 62y
Miss Lois, Dec 14, 1805, 59y, dau of Silas and Abigail - 17
Miss Mary M. , Jun 3, 1830, 13m, dau of Micah and Lydia (Moore Ball) Howe
Mr. Micah, Aug 26, 1795, 8y, 22d, son of Levi and Molly
Molly (Moore Ross), b. Jan 28, 1762 d. May 26, 1842, 80y, 3m, wife of Levi
Mr. Phinehas, Dec 7, 1801, 94y
Samuel K., Aug 31, 1834, 1y, 4m, son of Jotham and Elmyra
Samuel K., Apr 2, 1832, 5m, son of Jotham and Elmyra
Mr. Silas, Apr 1, 1811, 10w, 2d, son of John and Sibel (Babcock) Howe
Mr. Silas, Sep 10, 1817, 80y
Miss Tamer, Oct 28, 1775, 3y, 1m, 28d, dau of Silas and Abigail

Mr. Caleb, Jun 5, 1806, 59y, Rev. War soldier
Mr. Horace, Apr 27, 1827, 6y, 3m, son of David and Polly
Horace, b. Aug 28, 1827, d 1836, 6y 3m, son of David and Polly (Wellington) Kendall, who were married, Apr 2, 1812
Mr. Horace H., b. 1811, d. May 6, 1812, 7m, 19 days, 3rd son of Joshua and Patty (Sawyer) Kendall
Mr. Joshua, Sep 22, 1813, 32y, 4m, 27d
Mary, b. Jul 18, 1823, d. Aug 12, 1824, dau of David and Polly (Wellington) Kendall, who were married, Apr 2, 1812
Olive, d. before 1836, dau of David and Polly (Wellington) Kendall, who were married, Apr 2, 1812
Olive, Aug, 11, 1839, 3y, 3m, dau of David and Polly
Patty Sawyer, Oct 15, 1859, 73y, 6m, wife of Joshua
Mrs. Priscilla (Townsend), Nov 9, 1786, 33y, 8m, 28d, wife of Caleb
Mr. Rufus, Jan 12, 1830, 2y, 3m, 27d, son of Henry and Mary Low

Deacon Cyprian, Jun 18, 1802, 95y, 9m
Mr. David, Sep 11, 1745, 4y, 22d, son of Cyprian and Hephzibah
Mr. David, Nov 23, 1775, 18y, 4m, 11d, son of Mr. Cyprian Jr. and Mrs. Martha Keyes
Elizabeth, Apr 29, 1793, 20y, 1m, 8d


"Behold and see as you pass by,
As you are now so once was I.
As I am now so you must be,
Prepare for death and follow me."

Eunice, Oct 20, 1793, 19m,26d, dau of Benjamin
Mr. Henry, Aug 1, 1788, 19y, 11m, 11d
Mrs. Hephzibah (Howe), Mar 15, 1792, 86y , wife of Cyprian
Deacon John, Sep 15, 1753, 86y
Mr. Jonathan, Aug 12 1813, 4y, 8m, 26d, son of Mr. Thomas and Lydia Keyes
Mrs. Levinah, Jan 19, 1756, 18y, 11m, 6d, Daughter of Cyprian and Hephzibah
Miss Lucy, Apr 4, 1776, 16y, 7m, 17d
Mrs. Lucy (Temple), Oct 9, 1777, 35y
Mr. Luther, Nov 5, 1773, 1y, 1m, 15d
Miss Mary, Sep 18, 1800, 5y, 6m, 26d, daughter of Mr. Thomas Jr. and Lydia
Mrs. Mary (Temple), Jan 21, 1800, 59y


"Death is a debt to nature due
which I have paid and so must you."

Miss Patty, Jan 22, 1781, 18y, 11m, 6d, daughter of Mr. Cyprian Jr. and Mrs. Martha Keyes
Mrs. Phebe, Sep 16, 1748, 36y, 10m, 16d, dau of John and Sarah Keyes
Miss Ruth, Jan 31, 1756, 27y
Mrs. Ruth, Jan 11, 1756, 53y, wife of Henry
Miss Sally, Sep 18, 1800, 1y, 6m, 16d, daughter of Mr. Thomas Jr. and Lydia
Mrs. Sarah (Thurston), Feb 26, 1807, 41y, wife of Asa Keyes, who is buried in West Boylston (d. Dec 27, 1850, 82y)
Mr. Simeon, Jan 21, 1782, 41y, 9m, 10d, Rev.War Soldier
Mr. Thomas, Dec 21, 1812, 75y, Rev. War Soldier

Esther (Woodbury), Apr 12, 1883, 95y, wife of Josiah
Mr. Josiah, May 31, 1828, 44y
Martha (Tilton), Aug 6, 1832, 84y, 6m, wife of Nehemaih
Sophia W., Feb 4, 1832, 11y, 6m, dau of Josiah and Esther
Mr. Ward, Feb 28, 1826, 20m, son of Josiah and Esther

Mr. Eli, Jul 29, 1790, 10y, drowned, son of Nathaniel and Mindwell
Mrs. Elizabeth (Gibbs), Nov 18, 1830, 25y, wife of Capt. Eli
Elizabeth (Miller), Sep 14, 1834, 86y, wife of Nathaniel
Mrs. Mindwell (Brigham), Mar 26, 1785, 38y, wife of Nathaniel
Mr. Nathaniel Jr., Sep 3, 1817, 40y
Mr. Nathaniel, Mar 29, 1822, 74y
Tamar (Howe), Sep 3, 1861, 82y wife of Nathaniel Jr.

James, d. Mar. 1, 1882, son of Samuel Lawson

Edwin, Oct 17, 1833, 14d, son of Parker and Lydia
Mr. Israel, Nov 30, 1812, 17y, son of James and Molly
Mr. Israel, Jun 6, 1793, 6m, 17d, son of Capt James and Molly
Mr. James, Jun 10, 1793, 1y, 11m, 19d, son of Capt. James and Molly
Esq. James, Jan 14, 1837, 83y, 2m, 10d, Rev. War soldier
Rev. Jonathan, Jan 26, 1850, 60y


Educated at Harvard College, "He walked with God, His record is on High"

Lydia (Davis Green)., Oct 9, 1877, 79y, 1m, wife of Parker
Mrs. Molly (Bartlett), Aug 27, 1831, 69y, wife of Esq. James
Parker, b. Nov 22, 1800, d. May 2, 1860, 59y, 5m

Elmer, Sep 9, 1839, 42y
George Elmer, Nov 5, 1832, 7m, 9d
Miss Mary H. , Oct 6, 1841, 11y at Groton, MA

Miss Abby B., Apr 1, 1848, 53y
Daniel Hartshorn, d. May 26, 1834, 3y, son of George and Nancy
Elisha, Feb 16, 1760, 56y
Elisha, Jul 17, 1759, 11y, 3m, 2d, son of Elisha
Mr. Garner, Apr 14, 1745, 11m, 11d, son of Elisha and Huldah


First burial in the old burial grounds. Side two reads, "First that in this burying place doth lies."

George, b. 1797, d. 1871
Huldah (Bannister), d. ?? , wife of Elisha (no grave stone)
Mr. Levi, Apr 20, 1804, 2m, son of Levi and Polly
Lucy, (Stiles) b. 1796, d. Jul 8, 1826, 30y, wife of George Maynard, dau of Dea Joshua and Abigail Stiles
Nancy (Hartshorn), b. 1802, d. 1851, wife of George

Mrs. Abigail, Jan 11, 1822, 30y, dau of Oliver & Patty (Hinds) Sawyer, & wife of Pitt
Abigail (Lamson), Feb 18, 1910, 95y, 10m, 17d, wife of William H.
Mr. Abijah, May 26, 1796, 29y
Celia A., Jul 20, 1868, 21y, 6m, dau of William H. and A.L. Moore


"Beloved Daughter, Rest"

Mrs. Clara (Pearson), May 2, 1833, 66y, wife of William H.


Epitaph no longer legible, engraved by C. Darby. Worcester

Mrs. Fanny, Dec 12, 1812, 80y (no grave stone)
Mrs. Fanny (Tilton) , Dec 18, 1806, 25y, wife of Mr. David Moore


"Lord I commit my soul to thee,
Accept the sacred trust;
Receive this nobler part of me
and watch my sleeping dust"

Mr. Holland, Mar 26, 1790, 4y, 8m, 12d, son of Hugh and Sarah
Mr. Hugh, Sep 26, 1833, 79y, Rev. War Soldier
Decon Levi, Oct 22, 1815, 84y, Rev. War Soldier
Miss Lucy, May 19, 1794, 15y, dau of Hugh and Sarah


"Friends nor Physicians could not save,
My mortal, body from the grave,
Nor can the grave confine me here,
When Christ shall call me to appear"

Miss Olive, Feb 17, 1810, 28y, dau of Hugh and Sarah


"Hark while you hear my heart strings break,
How sweet the minutes roll,
A mortal paleness on my cheek,
But glory in my soul.",

- engraved by Samuel Kilburn at Sterling, MA

Miss Prudence, Oct 6, 1775, 20y, dau of Levi and Rebeckah
Rebeckah (Sawyer), d. ??, wife of Dea. Levi (no grave stone)
Mrs. Sarah (Holland), Aug 12, 1817, 63y, wife of Hugh
Sarah H., May 6, 1838, 8y, dau of William and Clara
Miss Sophia, Mar 14, 1810, 26y, dau of Hugh and Sarah


"Youth like a vernal flower apperars,
Most promising and fair,
But death like an untimely frost,
Puts all in silence there."

Deacon William H., May 10, 1855, 59y, 7m, 26d
Mr. William , Apr 14, 1790, 2y, 7m, 5d, son of Hugh and Sarah

Mr. Ebenezer, Jul 28, 1754, 7w, son of Ebenezer and Persis
Rev. Ebenezer, b. Mar 2, 1717, d. Jan 3, 1802, 84y, in tomb, First Minister of the Second Precinct of Shrewsbury; served from 6 Ocotober 1743 to 10 November 1775


Epitaph: "Beneath this stone rests the remains of Reverend Ebenezer Morse, A.M., who upwards of fifty years exercized the functions of a Christian minister in this place. Endowed by the Father of Lights with a strong and capacious mind, he richly stored it by seeking and intermeddling with all wisdom. As a advisor, he was learned; as a physician, eminent; as a philosopher, deep, extensive and correct in his views. As a politician, of piercing insight of individual character. Shrewd in reply, able in controversy, abounding with narrative, the passion of helpless merit, and fulfulling with exactness the duties of husband, teacher and friend, he died Janurary 3, 1802, aged 84. The stone also preserves the memory of Mrs. Persis Morse, the amiable and virtuous consort of the Rev. E. Morse. She died May 6, 1786, aged 61 years, having been united in marriage 33 years. From this union sprang eleven children".

Mr. Eliakim, Feb 27, 1758, 7y, 10m, 20d
Mr. Joseph, Oct 12, 1776, 55y
Mrs. Mary (Thomas), Jan 29, 1801, 71y, 11m, wife of Joseph
Mrs. Persis (Bush), May 6, 1786, 61y, wife of Rev Ebenezer, dau of John Bush (no grave stone)
Mr. Silvenus, Feb 22, 1792, 6m, 14d, son of Joseph and Sophia (Bigelow) Morse

Mr. Abel, Mar 9, 1814, 76y
Mr. Abel Jr., Jun 26, 1830, 62y
Miss Clarissa, Sep 29, 1809, 6y, 9m, 22d, daughter of Abel Jr. and Eunice
Mr. Ephraim, May 15, 1800, 11m, 15d
Eunice (Books), Apr 22, 1857, 90y, widow of Francis Temple, then wife of Abel Jr.
Miss Eunice, Apr 6, 1805, 7y, 11m
Mrs. Eunice (Holland), May 14, 1815, 70y
Eunice, d. Jan 30, 1881, 74y, 11m, 15d

Mr. Levi, Oct 11, 1796, 16d
Mrs. Polly (Maynard), Sep 30, 1796, 20y, wife of James

Miss Abigail, Mar 7, 1821, 3m, 17d

Mr. Josiah, Jan 16, 1804, 52y, Rev. War Soldier

Mrs. Polly, Apr 18, 1825, 35y

Lydia J. Apr 25, 1829, 23y, wife of Josiah Pope

Mr. Abijah, Jun 23, 1830, 62y
Mrs. Sarah, Jan 21, 1828, 62y
Mr. William, Sep 23, 1813, 19y

Mr. Timothy, Oct 9, 1823, 84y

Mr. William b., Sep 21, 1825, 1y, 9m, son of William and Sarah

Mr. Joseph, Oct 23, 1817, 29y, husband of Lucretia (Collier)
Joseph, Jun 21, 1832, 19y

Mr. Aaron, Apr 30, 1817, 62y, Rev. War Soldier
Deacon Amariah, Jan 8 1814, 48y


"My tender wife do not complain,
That I am called away,
I trust that we shall meet again,
At the deciscive day"

Mr. Amariah, Nov 7, 1831, 25y


"The years were few but of berift,
Parent nor bother or sister left,
To weep around your beir,
But theres a hope of blessed one,
That no----------all below,
Eternal love to share."

Mr. Ameriah, Jul 31, 1806, 2y, 5d, son of Deacon Amariah and Sarah
Mr. Araunah, Jan 18, 1814, 2y, 30d, son of Deacon Amariah and Sarah
Mr. Ezra, Sep 12, 1813, 20y
Mr. James, Jun 12, 1790, 14m, 3d
Mr. Joseph, Mar 9, 1829, 19y
Mr. Joseph, Sep 1, 1786, 49y, the husband of Abigail Beaman
Keziah (Richardson), d??, wife of Aaron (no grave stone)
Miss Lucy, Jun 9, 1819, 23y
Oliver, Dec 31, 1838, 80y
Mr. Oliver, Jr., Aug 1, 1824, 36y
Patty (Hinds), Mar 31, 1836, 75y, 6m, wife of Oliver
Miss Persis, Aug 3, 1803, 3y, 9m, 3d, dau of Deacon Amariah and Sarah
Miss Persis, Apr 7, 1815, 5y, 9m, 15d, Daughter of Deacon Amariah and Sarah
Miss Ruth, Jan 26, 1815, 17y, dau of Deacon Amariah and Sarah


"Behold and see as you pass by,
As you are now so onec was I,
As I am now so you must be,
Prepare for death and follow me."

Ruth, d. Jan 26, 1845, dau of Amariah and Sarah (Moore) Sawyer
Mrs. Sarah (Moore), Jan 14, 1817, 41y, wife of Decon Amariah


"Jesus my loves to glory gone,
Him will I go and see
And all my friends thats here below,
I hope will follow me,

My friends I bid you all adieu,
I leave you in God's care,
And if on earth we meet no more,
Go on I'll meet you there."

Mr. Joseph, Apr 2, 1790, 77y
Mrs. Sarah (Warren), Jul 6, 1800, 83y
Thomas, Jul 6, 1791, 75y

Mrs. Abigail (Gale), Jun 28, 1829, 71y, wife of dea Joshua
Miss Eunice, Sep 8, 1821, 29y
Miss Harriot, Aug 24, 1803, 3m, 11d
Deacon John, Apr 11, 1859, 73y
Deacon Joshua, May 14, 1828, 70y, Rev War, Lancaster, MA
Mr. Joshua Jr., May 19, 1816, 22y
Mrs. Rebecca (Moore), May 19, 1827, 34y, wife of Dea John

Abigail, Aug 3, 1855, 33y, wife of Eli
Mrs. Abigail (Moor), Feb 19, 1807, 25y, 6m, 6d, wife of Isaac Stone
Eli, d. 1848 (no grave stone)
Isaac, Mar 1, 1832, 51y
Jacob, d. 1847 (no grave stone)
Mrs. Martha (Barnes), Mar 23, 1796, 24y, 6m, 12d, wife of Jacob
Sally (Moore), Jul 12, 1823, 39y

Lieut. Eleazer, Sep 20, 1753, 53y, 9 m, 6d
Mrs. Hannah (Flagg), Mar 27, 1794, 88y

Aaron, b. 1739, d. Dec 28, 1816, 77y, 4m, husband of Elizabeth (Smith), Rev War Soldier (no grave stone)
Mr. Aaron, Dec 14, 1788, 9m, 18d, son of Aaron and Elizabeth
Mrs. Anne (March), Apr 4, 1765, 22y, 26d, dau of Daniel and Mary March
Mrs. Betty (Hinds), Feb 20, 1753, 24y, wife of Ephraim
Mrs. Elizabeth, b. Mar 1, 1706, d. Dec 4, 1783, 77y, 8m, 21d, wife of Isaac
Mrs. Elizabeth (Smith), Aug 17, 1796, 51y, wife of Aaron


"Could friends and wishes close the grave,
Or hear-felt anguish, virtue fave,
She yet had liv'd beloev'd by all,
Who knew her worth & mourned her fall."

Ephraim, d. 1789 (no grave stone)
Mr. Francis, Mar 9, 1767, 31y, 3m, 21d
Mr. Francis, Feb 28, 1795, 28y, son of Aaron and Elizabeth (Smith) Temple, husband of Eunice Books
Isaac, May 31, 1791, 88y
Lieut Jonas, Nov 3, 1815, 83y, Rev War Soldier
Mr. Jonas, Oct 21, 1779, 15y, 5m, 9d, son of Lieut. Jonas and Olive
Mrs. Keziah (Howe), Aug 22, 1788, 47y, Wife of Lieut. Jonas
Mrs. Lois (Harthan), Apr 23, 1792, 22y,3m, 23d, wife of Mr. John
Mary (Farrow), Mar 30, 1767, 33y, 2m, 16d, wife of Ephraim
Miss Molly, May 16, 1790, 18y
Mrs. Olive (Keyes), Dec 30, 1781, 43y, wife of Lieut Jonas
Miss Ruth, Nov 18, 1779, 7y, 1m, 4d, dau of Mrs. Olive
Timothy, b. Mar 31, 1742, d Aug 8, 1804

Elizabeth (Russell), Nov 29, 1841, 80y, wife of Joseph
Mr. Joseph, Oct 20, 1802, 18y, son of Joseph and Elizabeth


"Youth like a vernal flower appears
Most promising and fair,
But death like an untimely frost
Puts all in silence there."

Joseph, Mar 6, 1847, 87y, Rev. War Soldier, Essex Co.
Mrs. Polly, Jul 21, 1817, 28y, 10m, wife of Nathaniel R.
Unidentifiable grave stones
1 of 2 Unidentifiable stones, no writing remaining, pre-1944 loss
2 of 2 Unidentifiable stones, an epitaph fragment only

Mr. Darius, Aug 4, 1807, 4y, 4m, son of Miss Mary Bixby

Mr. Leonard, Mar 3, 1829, 60y

John, d.?? (no grave stone)
Marah (Holland), Jan 21, 1787, 23y, wife of John

Miss. Almera, May 30, 1804, 3y, 4m, 12d, dau of Levi and Rebekah
Catherine (Davenport), Aug 19, 1831, 84y, wife of Timothy (no grave stone)
Miss Catherine, Apr 2, 1804, 26y, dau of Timothy and Catherine (Davenport) Whitney
Mr. Daniel, Oct 9, 1779, 69y, 16d
Dennis, Feb 15, 1886
John G., Sep. 15, 1848, 42y, 8m, 12 d, son of Levi and Rebecca
Julia Ann (Andrews), b. Sep 29, 1825, d. Dec 15, 1845, wife of John Francis Whitney
Miss Ketharine, Sep 20, 1778, 11m, dau of Timothy and Catherine (Davenport) Whitney
Levi, Oct. 14, 1852, 80y
Miss Mary Allen, Oct 8, 1779, 68y, 3m (no grave stone)
Rebekah (Fassett), Oct. 27, 1833, 56y,9m, 10d, wife of Levi
Mrs. Thankful (Allen), Aug 8, 1801, 88y, wife of Daniel
Timothy, b. abt 1743, d. 1816 - 1819, Rev. War Soldier, husband of Catherine (Davenport) (no grave stone)

Maria S., (d. Feb 8, 1839 in Lancaster), wife of Joseph M. Wilder and dau of Capt Gershom and Sally (Brigham) Flagg
Mrs. Susannah (Sawyer), Jun 3, 1811, 51y, wife of Nathan


Mr. Francis, Jun 2, 1817, 29y, husband of Polly (Howe)




"Kind Reader drop mournful tear,
Over the dust that's buried here,
And when you read the fate of me,
Think on the life and love that was for me"