Sawyer's Mills History & Photographs


Sawyer's Mills Village-The Early Years
Includes history of its original settlers, Mill Store & Post Office
by Inga Millbauer


The School at the Mills
Includes its history, attendance, pupil enrollment, as well asoriginal settlers, Mill Store & Post Office
The students in this area attended the North West School, the West School, and the School at the MIlls.
by Judy Haynes


It Began with a Mill and a Bridge
The Beginning and End of Sawyer's Mills
includes information on tranportation systems: road, railroad & stagecoach

by Carrie Crane


Sawyer's Mills Village -The Later Years
Includes 1895 map, history of Mills, the Mill Store & Post Office & the Church
by Inga Millbauer


The Taking of Sawyer's Mills Village 
Includes the creation of the Metropolitan Water Board and a depiction with map and photographs of six of the 590 properties
by Carrie Crane


Photograph Collection
Massachusetts Metropolitan Water Works Wachusett Reservoir

Searchable Collection includes over 2500 photographs of all buildings & properties in Sawyer's Mills in 1896
Digital Commonwealth Massachusetts Collection


Before There Was A Dam
The Wachusett Dam & Reservoir

Incudes photographic depiction of how they built it and what became of the people who lived there.


Public Documents on Sale of Properties
The Wachusett Dam & Reservoir- For the year 1896

Searchable database: Includes property owners names, town, and amount paid by the Metropolitan Water Works for each property