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A Visit of the Boylston’s to Boylston

            The Boylston Historical Society was happy to have the Boylston family (Drayton, Kathryn and Adam) of Colorado visit us.  Drayton Boylston is the descendant of the Ward Nicholas Boylston, benefactor and philanthropist to the town.

            But first, a little history:  The town of Boylston, named for the family of Boston merchants and financiers, was incorporated in 1786.  In 1799, Ward Nicholas, then acknowledged leader of the family, took note of the town and sent a gift of a Bible, a communion set, and 40 pound sterling.  He visited the town shortly before his death and was pleased to note that by careful investment, $40 had grown to a substantial sum. When he died in 1828, he left the town $300 which eventually grew to the sum of $1450, which was used to build the Old Town Hall (now the Historical Society).

            Drayton Boylston had visited once before, but wanted to bring his son, Adam, to see the town that bears their family name.  Note:  The Boylston's are also related to the John Adams family.  As you can tell, they are descended from old New England families.

            Other Boylstons have also visited over the years.  Mr. Reed Boylston of Barnwell, South Carolina first visited Boylston in April of 1980.  Adam Boylston is named for the Adams side of the family.

            Drayton, Kathryn and Adam Boylston met with BHS board members Judy Haynes and Kim Foster for discussion of Boylston family history, as well as a tour of the museum and vault.  The visit was concluded with a tour of the town’s historic center.

            It was a great visit and gave us time to reflect on the beginnings of our town. It was especially gratifying to see the keen interest that these Boylston descendants have in the town!

The Boylston Family with Board Member Judy Haynes